The aims of this study are to provide momentum to research on homophobic prejudice in Czechia and to identify the significant factors influencing or mediating homophobic attitudes in Czech youth. The paper first contextualizes homophobia within the context of the Central and Eastern European countries and then refers to the role of schools and education tools in the prevention of homophobia. Results of a quantitative analysis based on original data collected during a research survey from 9th graders (N = 1082) in 35 selected Czech elementary schools are presented in the empirical part of the paper. We identify demographic, socioeconomic, psychological, and environmental factors that are significantly linked with homophobic attitudes in youth. Gender differences as well as relationship satisfaction with parents or peers, psychological status, and perception of quality of the environment one lives in were found to be among the most significant factors influencing prejudicial opinions in youth. Metropolitan youth were found to be significantly less prejudiced against nonheterosexuals. By taking lessons from abroad, we propose a number of possible policy interventions mainly in the realm of curricular documents and teacher training.


Sexual prejudice; Homophobia in youths; Nonheterosexuals; Heteronormativity; Schools; Sex education