PITOŇÁK, M. (2018): Rozostření příčin a následků: Syndemie HIV mezi ne-heterosexuálními muži. Biograf, 67-68: . Dostupné na


Gay, bisexual and other non-heterosexual men represent a population group that is most vulnerable to spreading of HIV. Non-heterosexual men in Czechia account for more than 70 % of all newly infected people, and this HIV asymmetry is similarly affecting this group in other developed countries. In this paper, I set an aim to discuss various causes and consequences of the HIV epidemic and revise the dominant biomedical perspectives towards this problematic by introducing a perspective of so-called syndemic or syndemic approach that belongs to biopsychosocial or holistic approaches. Syndemic has a potential not only to interrupt the moralistic attitudes but as a new paradigm in social epidemiology and protection of public health, it may also stimulate types of reactions, which will take on understanding of the fact that the spread of HIV in a population of non-heterosexuals is part of a more complex syndemic of mutually reinforcing biological, behavioral, structural and psychosocial factors affecting this population.

Keywords: HIV, non-heterosexuals, MSM, syndemic, holistic approach, stigma